This is the web page for my second year Electromagnetism course at King's College London

I was given immeasurable help in teaching this course in 2021 by two of my PhD students, Martina Ruffino and Omar Al-lahham; and Michela Florinda Picardi who is a post doc with Francisco (Paco) Rodríguez Fortuño. The Department owes a sizeable debt of gratitude to our younger lecturers, in particular Paco and Furqaan Yusaf, who have grasped the mettle in embracing the use of video technology to put all of our teaching on-line. I particularly thank Paco for showing me how to use OBS studio with infinite patience.

Having prepared a number of video lectures I have decided to put them on a YouTube channel, with links below. I regret the very amateurish quality of sound and picture (entirely due to my own ineptness) but I feel that some of the insights may be useful to others wishing to follow the course.

Last modified: 19 Feb 2021 (Tony Paxton)